Stop! Pre-listing Tips to Use Now!

Many home sellers often overlook some easy and relatively inexpensive fixes that not only increase the visual aspect, but may add to the final sales price.  Major remodeling is costly and will not necessarily equate equally in the sales price, and sometimes will hinder if upgrades are too personal or specific.  These repair tips and maintenance items will appeal to the masses and will help a property sell quickly and usually for a higher sales price.


If your exterior needs painting or repairs, you want to take care of that!  This is the first impression that people will have of your home.  If the flowerbeds need weeding and paint is peeling, people will automatically assume that you do not maintain your home and that it is a fixer upper.  I have even seen buyers cross off homes just on curb appeal only!  Even if the paint is in good shape, you may even hit the door and trim again (especially around the knobs and deadbolt, this get scratched over time).  

Go throughout the home and scrub those windows inside and out.  You want them to sparkle!  Make sure you get help if it is a multi-story home!  Always be safe!

Be sure you clean all the clutter from the yard.  You want to put up any kids toys, mow the yard, trim the shrubs, and pull that grass or weeds from the flowerbeds.  You can place color flowers in the beds or in pots along the entry path or on the front porch.  This makes it warm and welcoming.  Sometime sellers will like placing them in pots so they can take to their new home!


You want to give your home a good thorough scrubbing.  I can not stress this enough.  Even hire someone to come in if you have to!   Really scrub the bathrooms and kitchen.  You want it totally spotless.  You want to keep it this way while your home is on the market, even after you have a contract.  Your home can still be shown and may even have a back-up contract accepted.

In the kitchen, you want to even clean the cabinets.  If the cabinets are in bad shape, you can repaint or restain to make a big impact.  This is fairly inexpensive and really makes a big impact on resale.  Take a good look at your countertops as well.  If they are badly worn or damaged, you may want to replace.  Sometime buyers will just focus on the worn or outdated countertop without seeing the potential the home has.  If you are going to replace, I usually will recommend replacing with a stone or granite type surface.  This makes a huge impact on making the home feel updated and you will usually get that money back on the sales price.  

You want to go through and at least touch up the paint through the home.  Every home- including mine- has little marks on the walls from shoes, furniture, or whatever.  Sometimes, I even wonder how it happens!  Sometimes you may even have to repaint the whole room or even the whole house.  Again, this is where I come in, I can tell you what colors will be best to appeal to the masses.

Flooring can really impact the sale of your home.  If you have carpet covering beautiful hardwoods, you may want to pull them up and show off that hardwood.  Hardwoods are really desirable right now.  If the carpet remain in the home, it needs to be deep cleaned.  I always recommend having the pros come in on this.  I don't mind DIY for normal cleaning, but the pros do such a better job and after all, the sale of your home depends on this!


The majority of the time, I will recommend the major remodeling wait until you get into your new home, UNLESS you have serious issues that need to be resolved prior to sale.  If you have a roof leak that has impacted drywall inside, you MUST take care of both prior to placing on market, unless you want to market as a fixer upper and price it accordingly.  A new roof will help the house sell!  A buyer will love the fact that it will be worry free for many years!  Basically any deferred maintenance needs to be taken care of now.  It will help you sell in the long run.