Stop! Pre-listing Tips to Use Now!
Many home sellers often overlook some easy and relatively inexpensive fixes that not only increase the visual aspect, but may add to the final sales price.  Major remodeling is costly and will not necessarily equate equally in the sales price, and sometimes will hinder if upgrades are too personal or specific.  These repair tips and maintenance items will appeal to the masses and will help a property sell quickly and usually for a higher sales price. Exterior- If your exterior needs painting or repairs, you want to take care of that!  This is the first impression that ...
Just say no to Air Fresheners!
By Chris
November 3, 2016
I once worked an open house where literally every outlet had an air freshener plugged in....Don't kill the deal before you even get an offer! The following is from Pillar to Post Home Inspections:In more than one instance, the home inspector as well as the potential buyer walked into the home where the owner had plugged in several air fresheners, both the home inspector and the potential buyer had to leave the home as both were immediately impacted by headaches and sinus flare up. In one situation, a home owner had plugged in (14) of the air fresheners around ...