Renters Insurance

About a week ago, a young couple that I know had lost everything in a home fire.  They lived in a duplex and both units were total losses.  The young couple on one side, a family of 5 on the other, all had nothing except what they wore out of the home.

Most people do not have unlimited funds to purchase everything.  Imagine having to purchase all new clothes, a new cell phone, all new furniture, a new vehicle, new toiletries, new food, the list seems to go on and on.  One unit had renters insurance and one did not.  Many landlords recommend and some even require renter insurance.  All insurance companies can work with you to list items to determine coverage amounts.  Most policies are less than $30 per month.  So for a dollar a day, you have the protection for the worst case scenarios.  I highly recommend rental coverage.

Be careful out there and be prepared.